Improve the Sound Quality in Video on Google Pixel and Pixel2

By | 2018-10-30
Improve sound quality in video Pixel

As the owners of Google Pixel and Pixel 2 and their XL versions know, these beautiful phones have an unfortunate drawback: bad audio quality in video recording mode. The sound is very deaf and there is a lot of noise. In this short instruction I will explain how to improve the sound in video mode – get rid of a digital noise and boost high frequencies. 

Follow the steps to fix noisy sound while shooting video on Google Pixel:

  1. Install the Open Camera freeware app (you can install the FV-5 Cinema paid app instead if you wish).
  2. Head into SettingsOpen Camera Settings gear icon
  3. Select Video SettingsVideo Settings Open Camera
  4. Scroll down and tap on Audio SettingsAudio source settings Open Camera
  5. By default it is set to Camcorder. Change it to External MicExternal mic Open Camera audio settings

My Google Pixel records a much better audio using the “External Mic” setting (despite there is no external mic connected) as well as Default Audio Source. I don’t want to say that the audio became perfect but I don’t hear that annoying digital noise any more. Try these options. Here is how it sounds in comparison:

Good luck!

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