Video Won’t Play in Chrome on Android. How to Fix?

By | 2017-10-04
video wont play Chrome Android

There are various reasons that can cause problems with the video playback in Google Chrome browser on your Android phone or tablet. Your device may display errors or just do nothing when you try to play video like embedded YouTube clip in the browser. Sometimes video doesn’t play on a particular website, sometimes the problem takes place only with YouTube videos. Here are several solutions to fix the issue and finally make video play in Chrome on your Android device. 

Note if your Chrome still does play video but stops every few seconds showing you the “loading” icon then the problem is likely the slow Internet connection. In this case the following steps probably won’t help. 

After you perform each step close the app where you had the playback issue, launch it again and try to play that video again and check whether or not the step helped to fix the problem with video playback.

Step 1. Update Google Chrome to Make Video Play on Android Phone or Tablet

Open the Google Play Store app and check if your Chrome is of the latest version. Go to Menu > My apps & games and tap the Refresh icon. Install updates for Chrome. Actually, it is highly recommended to regularly update not only Chrome but other apps as well because this can affect compatibility and vulnerability.

update Chrome Android 7 tablet

Step 2. Turn on Javascript in the Browser to Fix Web Video Playback

There are no obvious reasons why JavaScript can be blocked in your mobile browser but still go to Menu > Settings > Site settings > Java Script and make sure it is Enabled.

allow JavaScript Chrome Android

JavaScript enabled in Chrome on Android 8, 9

Step 3. Turn off Data Saver in the Chrome App

In some cases the built-in Data Saver can be the cause why video won’t play in Chrome on Android. Go to Chrome’s settings, turn on the Data Saver and try to play the video.

turn off Data Saver in Chrome

Step 4. Clear Browsing Data on Android to Solve Chrome Glitches

The problem with cache occur from time to time. It happens especially when you have been using your Android device for a long time visiting a lot of websites without cleaning the browser cache. After your clean the cache your phone or tablet may start playing embedded videos. Here is our guide on how to clean the cache of Google Chrome on Android. The most important thing is to select All time and clear cache and cookies.

clear cache Chrome Android

Step 5. Reset Network Settings on Android to Repair Internet Connection

In rare cases a network glitch of your Android device also can be the culprit why your Chrome won’t play videos. In Android 7 and 8 go to Settings > System > Reset,  tap Network settings reset and RESET SETTINGS to fix all possible problems with networking on your mobile:

Network settings reset Android 8

Step 6. Reboot Your Router to Exclude Gateway Problems

reboot the router

If the issue happens when you are connected to Wi-Fi, be sure to reboot the router. Quite often videos fail to play on a phone because of a network-related glitch on your router while your Android device is totally okay. Follow the steps to fix it:

  • Turn off Wi-Fi on your Android device
  • Turn off your wireless router.
  • Wait for about 20 seconds.
  • Turn the router back on.
  • Wait about a minute.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi on Android and connect to your wireless network again.
  • Try to play video in Chrome on your Android phone or tablet.

Step 7. Disable Antivirus App to Solve the Problem

Rarely it happens that Antivirus app can prevent video from playing on Android phone or tablet. Try to temporarily disable your protection app on your mobile device and see if problem related to playing videos still persists or has been solved.

We will add more solutions to fix embedded video playback issues in Chrome on Android devices as soon as we find new working tips. You can help us by providing your experience in the comments.

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