How to Fix “WiFi Connected, No Internet” and “WiFi Has No Internet Access”

By | 2018-05-17
WiFi connected but no Internet access fix

WiFi connected but no Internet access – one of the most frequent and annoying problems related to WiFi and networking that you may face on your mobile device. In this article we will explain how to deal with it. You will find working solutions to finally fix the issue with WiFi and Internet access on your Android, iPhone or iPad.

WiFi Connected but No Internet error can emerge due to various problems and you never know for sure what is actually the culprit – your router’s hardware or it’s wrong configuration in the “Wireless” section, Android or iOS WiFi settings, broken WiFi modules, malware activity or wireless interference can be involved. Actually, there can be different errors telling you about Internet problems:

  • “Connected. No Internet” under the WiFi network name  together with a pop-up notification titled “Android System” telling “WiFi has no internet access. Tap for options”on pure Android 8, 9;
  • “Internet may not be available. Connect to another network” on Samsung Galaxy devices;
  • “No Internet Connection” on iPhone or iPad running iOS 12.

We recommend that you follow all steps to fix “WiFi connected, No Internet” problem and make your WiFi start working fine again. We sorted our tips in a special order taking into account a few things: how often it can be the cause, how easy it is to apply the fix, how much time it will take to recover if the particular solution didn’t work in your case.

So, let us turn to troubleshooting the Internet issue.

WiFi Connected, No Internet – Narrow the Circle of Potential Culprits

Internet may not be available Samsung Galaxy S9

WiFi error on Galaxy S9: Internet may not be available

Find out the following:

  • Is your Android phone or iPhone/iPad able to connect to other WiFi networks? If yes, the problem is likely to be in your router or you may face the compatibility issue. If no, your router is 99% to be okay.
  • Are the other client devices able to connect to the same wireless network? If all your other phones, tablets or laptops connect to the same WiFi without any issues, this means that your router’s hardware is 99% to be in order and the reason why you have WiFi connected but no Internet can hide either in your client device or in router settings (such as IP blacklisting).

WiFi Connected but No Internet Access – 10 Tips to Fix the Problem

WiFi has no Internet access. Tap for options

WiFi connected but no Internet access

1. Restart everything!

The first thing you should do when you start troubleshooting network-related problems is reboot your WiFi router and device where you are experiencing the issue. So, it will be perfect if you disconnect your router’s power supply for a minute and then long press the power button on your Android device and choose Restart. If you have WiFi connected but no Internet on an Apple device, hold the power button, swipe to turn it off and switch it back on in a minute:

restart Android 9

2. Check ISP Cable and Internet Settings on WiFi Router

Use tips from this step even if you have another phone or tablet or even a laptop that successfully connects to the Internet using the wireless network of this router. I saw cases when one phone was connected to WiFi but had no Internet while another one was doing just fine being connected to the same WiFi router.

  • First, look and Ethernet ports and find out whether or not the ISP’s cable is properly connected to the WAN (Internet) port of your wireless router:
    asus router wan port

    Image credit:

  • Check your Internet settings on Router’s configuration page. You should contact your ISP (maybe visit their website over your mobile data) to find out the correct WAN settings. It’s reasonable to try selecting Automatic IP . But don’t forget to click Apply or Save settings after that:
    WAN setup on ASUS router

    Fix “No Internet Connection” in WAN settings

3. Modify Wireless settings on Your WiFi Router

  • Select WPA2-PSK (a.k.a. WPA2-Personal) as your security mode and AES (CCMP) as encryption;
  • make sure you specify 10 symbol wireless security key that contains digits and/or latters of latin alphabet. Do not use characters from another charset – German, Chinese or Arabian. For example iU82mjv38B.
wireless network security settings on router

WPA2-PSK, AES and strong WiFi password

4. Forget WiFi Network and Reconnect

Now you should try to forget WiFi network you are currently connected to, especially if you changed its security settings like we advised above. It may solve the problem with no Internet connection:

forget Wi-Fi network iPhone

forget WiFi network on iPhone

5. Reset Network Settings to Fix WiFi Connected but No Internet access on iOS or Android Device

On Android go to Settings → System → Advanced → Reset options Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth → tap Reset Settings:

reset network Android 9

Reset WiFi and Internet settings on Android 9

After that you will have to confirm your pattern or security code.

On iPhone go to Settings → General Reset → tap Reset Network Settings:

reset network settings iOS 11.4

Reset WiFi and Internet settings on iOS 12

Enter your passcode when asked.

6. Check IP obtaining Settings on Your WiFi Router

Log into the router settings and find out how the other devices connect to the network.

  • Is the DHCP server enabled? enable DHCP on router
  • Make sure that IP address range is enough. See the image above. If you have 10 devices on the LAN you should have at least 10 free IP addresses for leasing. For example, to By default routers have much larger DHCP pool. So you may have this problem only if someone has modified the setting in the past.
  • Is the IP or MAC address filter activated? Maybe you should add your device’s MAC address to allowed.

7. Reset Wireless Router Settings to Fix the Internet Connection

If you cannot find a thing in router’s settings that prevents your device from connecting to WiFi you may try simply resetting it to factory settings. The quick way to do it is to press a hardware button on the unit:

reset router hardware button

8. Replace Your WiFi Router

If you have another wireless router try to set it up and see if the problem persists with another wireless router. It happens, that a completely working piece of hardware refuses to work with a particular ISP equipment. Once I faced such an issue with my old WiFi router by ASUS – after my ISP upgraded its equipment it just stopped working well: only the first device connected to WiFi was able to reach the Internet. The others, who connected after showed an error “No Internet“. Such a weird thing. But when I connected the same old WiFi router to another ISP at my another apartment it went on working totally okay and sits there until the present days. Thus, we can make a conclusion that the culprit in that case was a simple incompatibility of a new ISP network equipment and an old piece of hardware.

9. Manually Assign an IP Address to Your Device

Frankly speaking, it is not a solution but in rather many cases this workaround lets fix the network issue and connect to the Internet over WiFi. On Android:

  • Pull down the quick settings shade.
  • Long tap on the WiFi quick toggle.
  • Tap on a problem wireless network.
  • Select Modify.
  • Select Advanced options.
  • In the IP settings menu select Static:
  • Fill in IP address, Gateway and network prefix. Look at the label on the back of your router. If you router’s default IP is, specify the following: IP=, Gateway= (gateway is your router IP address), network prefix=24, DNS 1=, DNS 2= and tap Save.

static IP address Android manually

10. Reset your iPhone or Android Device

If nothing of the above helped you to get rid of Wi-Fi has no Internet access notification on Android or No Internet connection error on iOS try resetting your mobile to factory defaults. This is the last option to fix WiFi connected but No Internet access error on your iPhone or Android. First of all save all your documents, photos, videos and music to your PC or MAC (if this content is not synced to the cloud) and perform the following steps:

On Android 8, 9 go to System → Advanced→ Reset and select Erase all data.
On iPhone running iOS 11.4 head to Settings → General→ Reset and choose Erase All Content and Settings.

Android 9 and iPhone iOS 11.4 Factory Reset

Which one worked for you? Did you manage to fix “WiFi connected, No Internet” problem? Drop a few lines in the comments section!

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  1. Vincent

    Tip #9 solved the problem! I know this was only a workaround but… thank you!

  2. Breeze Miller

    My Moto e5 Cruise started doing this out of the blue & nothing is working. Can u offer any other suggestions for me to try? What is a wireless adapter and how do I update it?


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